As you probably are well aware, the baby boom generation is driving many purchasing trends, and as that generation is now at or near retirement, their effect on the housing and remodeling industry has been evaluated by many industries related to the housing industry.

The Demand Institute studies economic conditions all over the world and projects the expected trends for the following year. Their research for 2015 indicates that baby boomers (ages 50 to 69) are planning on staying in place, rather that moving, as previous generations have done, to retirement havens such as Florida.

Retiring homeowners priorities are focused on remodeling projects such as accessibility improvements, low-maintenance modifications and improved energy efficiency.

Universal Design principles ensure that remodeled spaces will be tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs, while not sacrificing style or usability for anyone. After all, wider doorways, designer color grab bars, non-skid shower floors and easy to operate faucet handles are beneficial for everyone.

If you are thinking about increasing your homes’ accessibility in 2015, research a remodeler who is trained in aging-in-place design. NAHB lists remodelers who are CAPS (Certified Aging in Place¬†Specialist) trained, and you can look them up by region.

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