After photo, Bellingham home remodel showing exterior modifications

You may not have found your dream home, but purchased a nice house with lots of potential. Now it is time to start the journey to turn it into your dream home.

First, establish a budget and know how you will finance your project. Will you be hiring an interior designer? If so, this should be done early in the project.

Selecting a contractor should be done with care. Check references, get their license number and check it online.

Now comes the good part. Most homeowners remodel a room at a time, spreading out the cost and the disruption to their routine. Which room will you start with? The kitchen will probably be the most expensive, but you will love having a brand-new kitchen to enjoy with your family and friends, for years to come!

Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear, so usually need renovation more than once, during the lifetime of a home. Hopefully you have more than one bath, so you are still functioning while the one being remodeled is not functional. Adding a powder room first, would be great if you only have one bath!

Much inspiration can be had on the internet; here are a few websites with great remodeling ideas:,, and

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