Budget and lot sizes may keep you from adding square footage onto your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the way you use your home.

Many homes have basements that are notoriously under-used. They may be unfinished, or they may serve as an unofficial storage room cluttered with items you rarely use. They oftentimes suffer from darkness, which only encourages everyone to remain upstairs!

Some excellent basement remodeling ideas include:

  • Home theater
  • Sports bar
  • Exercise room
  • Children and/or teens rec room
  • Game room
  • Organized storage!

Garages suffer from some of the same problems as basements; few windows, cluttered with storage boxes, not necessarily organized for easy retrieval. How many garages can’t even accommodate a car?

A two car garage can be used for one car and can still have room for a laundry room, or home office, mud room, or some storage shelving.

If your home has an attic that is tall enough, you are well on your way to additional living space. Possibilities include any of the options listed above.

Before getting serious about having the attic remodeled, be aware that they are not built structurally to support heavy furniture or running and jumping children, or a bathtub full of water, if you are considering adding a bathroom up there.

A structural engineer will have to be hired to analyze the attic structurally and design any strengthening required. Building codes will require the analysis, and you will be glad you had it done if you proceed with the remodel.

Basement, built in storage




After photo, attic bath