Good idea? Maybe not! Holiday seasons are lots of fun, but also stressful! It’s a good time to plan for your next remodel project. While doing some holiday shopping online, take a break and check out some kitchen ideas or bath upgrades you’ve been thinking about.

bath remodel, shower tileMake a list of what you would like to do; countertops, flooring, wall paint, cabinet types, appliances and sink/faucets. Costs vary tremendously, depending on the materials you select. This is where your favorite contractor can be a big help; some materials are more labor-intensive to install, so your costs go up. Your experienced contractor can recommend a material that looks similar, but costs less to install.

Think about how you will live day-to-day while the work is being done; microwave meals, one-pot dinnerkitchen remodel; cabinets, wall tile, backsplash, wood flooring, kitchen islands, eat out? It’s good to plan ahead and lessen your stress. Hmm . . . maybe after the holidays will work best?!