There are some who have had bad experiences, but that doesn’t have to happen to you. Lets examine some of the fears or myths that poor contractors have created due to incompetence, dishonesty or just poor communication:

  1. Will projects always run longer and cost more than you expected? It’s a common misconception that all contractors underbid and overpromise. Proper planning and research will alleviate these concerns. If you define the project in a proper contract with little to no allowances, you’ll avoid things like over budgeting and extended timelines. Check out your contractor with the local BIAW, state licensing, and personal references.
  2. Is your handyman is qualified to complete a kitchen renovation? (See the last sentence above). There’s a good chance your local handyman is not licensed, so there’s an even greater chance he’s not trained in kitchen design. If you decide to hire your handyman for a big project, be prepared to hit snags along the way. And if he isn’t license, you could be fined for hiring an unlicensed contractor.
  3. Should you get plans before researching contractors? Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to get plans before hiring a contractor. It is recommended that your architect and builder work together on your project, or consider hiring a design-build firm, where everything is in-house. Both of these options will help your project go more smoothly and more quickly.
  4. Is it unavoidable that your house and yard will be trashed during construction? Proper site maintenance should be a top priority of every contractor, and many do take proper measures with dust control and the protection of your belongings. Always tour the job sites of those contractors you are considering to see how they treat existing projects.
  5. Can you save money by hiring an out-of-work relative or friend? If your family member or friend is a trained professional, sure, but don’t assume anyone can paint, frame or tile. Mistakes made to your home can end up costing you a lot more. When it comes to your biggest investment, it’s always best to hire professionals.