If you bake or are into gourmet cooking, your ideal kitchens will not look the same. The baker wants an upgraded oven and a pop-up mixing stand for a heavy-duty mixer. The chef will want items such as a wok, a griddle or a slow-simmer burner or cooking specialty dishes.

Refrigeration has changed over the years; you don’t have to have the typical 30″ or 36″ wide refrigerator. They now make 24″ widths, and even undercounter refrigerator drawers.

If you entertain a lot and have a collection of serving platters and dinner plates that are larger than the standard 12 inches, you will love having a customized space for them. Older, standard sized cabinets just don’t fit ┬áthe larger platters.

Many of our clients are opting to open up the kitchen, so the cook can visit with family and guests while cooking. This makes the kitchen much more friendly and cheery, as well as increasing the amount of light.


Bellingham kitchen remodel