Why?!! For heavens sake, remodel now, and enjoy it! It’s not unusual for home buyers to tear out parts of a home just purchased, simply because they have different tastes than the previous owners. Considering this possibility, why not go ahead and remodel any part of your home that you would like changed while you still plan on living in the home, so you can enjoy it! It’ll still look like new in 5 years (longer if you don’t have kids, haha!).engineered stone countertop, half wall for toilet

Another thing to consider is that prices rarely go down, but you can count on them going up. If you feel that renovation is needed sometime in the future, doing it now will cost less.

So, remodel and enjoy the results! The value will still be in the remodeled spaces several years after the work is done.

kitchen peninsulaUpgrade the exterior of your home as well; New garage doors, re-designed entry and porch; have some new windows installed.

We are here to make your home into your dream home; don’t wait to remodel until right before you sell! Do it and enjoy it! In Bellingham, many clients are having their homes remodeled to suit mobility impaired functionality, as they plan on staying in the home as long as possible. Now that’s long-term thinking, and your elderly family members will appreciate the changes as well!