No matter what time of year it is, we all take showers, pretty much every day. So it’s important to have a shower that puts us in a good mood for the day, or has a calming effect at the end of day.

There are practical elements that should be included in every bath/ shower remodel, such as convenient niches for shampoo, etc. in the shower, as well as non-skid flooring, good lighting, and grab bars for security, and easy-clean surfaces.

The tile you choose, color scheme, and layout are personal preferences that will be unique to you and your family.

Great features to have in a shower are low-threshold or no-threshold entry, built-in bench (or foldable bench), and hand-held shower wand. Of course, there are many other options you can have, such as rain-shower heads . . . and we will let you research your favorites!