Heated floors, heated towel bars and toilet seats (hey! I love this idea!) are trending for many bath remodels.Newly tiled shower

Homeowners love towel warmers; they can turn them on, jump in the shower and have warm, fluffy towels when they come out.

Winters in Whatcom county are cold and damp, so walking on a heated floor in your bare feet feels so good. You can even have a system that heats the whole bathroom. Why not? You can feel pretty cold coming out of a shower, all wet! Warm floor, warm room, warm towels – sounds great!

How about a steam shower? It’ll feel so good both on a cold winter morning, and after a workout, as well.

Custom cabinets will ensure that everything you want in your bathroom will be right at hand, and be kept out of sight when not in use.

There are moshower, grab bars, shower bench, hand held shower headre elements to consider; mirrors, lighting, ¬†and tile. For such a small room, the bath holds many elements. And don’t forget the grab bars; they are both stylish and a safety feature. Installed properly, they will save any family member for a potentially nasty fall!