Showers are comprised of shower pans, waterproof backerboard, tile, mortar, and the piping, including a drain, valves and shower head.

It’s fun to pick out tile for the shower, and stylish drains can be installed as well. But when it comes to the shower head, your options are truly amazing!

A growing trend in showers points to a combination of showerheads as opposed to a single wall-mount unit. Different types of showerheads can be adjusted to produce a spray that varies from fine to coarse and water pressure that ranges from gentle pulsation to vigorous massage.

Showerheads are rated according to flow rate, or the number of gallons of water they spray per minute. High usage showerheads deliver as much as 8 gpm, while low-flow models use only 2.5 gpm while matching the effectiveness of the higher consumption models.

The most economical option, standard wall mount showerheads can be adjusted some, providing variable spray types to satisfy most users.

Ceiling mounted showerheads provide a rain-like shower spray from above.

Hand-held showerheads allow you to direct the spray where you want it, making washing your hair easier in the shower.

Multiple heads installed on opposite or adjacent walls create crisscross water streams, providing soothing spray from head to toe.

Whatever the style you choose, designers have been busy coming up with showerhead styles that would fit right into a sculpture exhibit! Check out the options online and see what will fit into your lifestyle.