Do you use your kitchen as an entertainment zone? If so, opening the kitchen up to the dining area and having a kitchen island installed will help with providing space for company while you prepare food.

If you prefer privacy while you cook, a smaller kitchen with a tighter work triangle may work best for you.Under cabinet kitchen lighting

Do you want your kitchen visible from other rooms? The trend today is to open up the kitchen, but that may not be your style.

If you’re an empty nester who enjoys solitude, consider where you (and your spouse, if applicable) prefer to dine. If the dining room seems unnecessarily formal and large, create a cozy spot at an island.

Special kitchen pan drawersDo you bake or do any cooking that requires specialized or bulky equipment? You may want to plan for easily accessible storage space for those “small” appliances, and countertop space large enough for bread making, baking and other specialty food preps.

Kitchens can be designed to meet your unique needs, they need not be a “one-size-fits-all” kitchen. What features does your dream kitchen have?