It’s not unusual for families to need an extra bedroom with bath to accommodate company or a growing family. And while you are at it, why not take over the brand-new bedroom and bath for yourself?

Sometimes it’s the kitchen that really needs more room. Older homes often had really small kitchens – after all, only one person would be in there at a time, and we know who that would be, don’t we? Now it’s two or more cooks, plus the kids may want to do their homework at the kitchen island, where they can talk while you are working.

Many homes just need another bathroom; if your home was built with only one bathroom, you know the feeling. Or perhaps there is a full bath with a powder room. Still not going to work, if two people are getting ready for work at the same time . . . or school.

Most homes are pretty full up with uses for all the square footage they contain, so adding on by going up, or out is a definite solution. We have helped Bellingham area clients get all the space they need with additions; sometimes built above the garage, and other times expanding out into the yard.

Whatcom county home additon