It’s the smallest room in the house! This little gem of a space doesn’t have to be a utilitarian closet; with a little imagination and not a whole lot of money, it can be turned into the most glamorous room in the house.

No, really. It has become popular to go all-out for this little space, partly because it is so budget-friendly due to the small size. How much tile? How many fixtures? Not a lot!

Oftentimes these rooms do not have a window; so selection and placement of the right light fixtures is important. A little glamour will make a big splash here.

Floral wallpaper makes the small space cheery; glossy, bright paint colors reflect light; pedestal sinks allow the room to feel larger. Storage is not usually what you are going for in this space, so you can forgo medicine cabinets and shelves, if you like.

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Go on the internet; see what people are doing with that little room. You can make it the jewel of your home, impressing guests this holiday season!

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