This blog is one and half months old now. I started thinking about the highlights and my favorite posts so far. That got me looking through our stats, curious about which have been our readers’ favorites. After viewing the results, I thought links to our most popular posts/pages (in case you missed them!) and a list of my top five might be in order:

Readers’ Most Popular Posts:

(5) Eldridge Kitchen Remodel. View the gorgeous transformation of this historic Eldridge kitchen. Be sure to take a look at the before and after picture at the end of the post.

(4) CSI: Not Just for TV Anymore. This is an introduction to the Construction Specifications Institute’s MasterFormat 2004. If you were ever wondering what 05 30 00 on your metal decking literature meant, here’s your chance to learn.

(3) Kitchens. This is one of our portfolio pages with a small gallery of photographs. To see more samples, click the “kitchens” category tab on the right or visit our more extensive gallery on our website.

(2) Corian Possibilities: The Inside Out Chair. I found this link on Curbly, a DIY community blog. Zanic Design created an incredible chair out of Corian, one of the materials we use for countertops. You have to click on the link to see it!

(1) Before And After Kitchen and Bathroom. View before and after pictures of this Alabama Hill kitchen. The clients take wonderful care of their home and therefore the remodel was for an updated look only. We did not replace the cabinets but did replace almost everything else! There are some very beautiful materials in fairly subdued colors, creating an understated and classic atmosphere. My favorite is the “above the tub” shot.

My Favorite Posts:

(5) CSI: Not Just for TV Anymore. It was covered above but I just wanted to add that it was linked to by CSI Weekly! Therefore, if you’re unsure whether to read it or not, I suggest giving it a chance.

(4) Kitchen Remodel on a Smaller Budget. I like this project because is shows that even with the limitations of a tiny kitchen and a smaller sized budget, a remodel can completely change the space for the better. You don’t have to live with claustrophobia and no direct sunlight! Added bonus: Pat Rose won a REX Award for this remodel.

(3) How to Hire a Contractor. Unlike with a number of other companies and trades, many homeowners don’t have a previous relationship with a contractor. Use these suggestions to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor for your remodel.

(2) Trendy is Classic with Subway Tile. Subway tile has been very popular lately and I say “Bravo!” It’s a wonderful style that will stay elegant and classic long after the trend has passed.

(1) Cramped Bathroom Becomes Historic Masterpiece. Two of my favorites have been¬†REX Award Winners!¬†They’re just beautiful projects that created huge changes for the clients. This has always been my favorite project (and therefore my favorite post!) because this was not only the first completed project I saw when I began working at Rose Construction but also the first that I took photographs at.

So, do you agree with the readers’ and my favorite posts and pages? Let me know. Also, I’m curious as to what questions you would like answered or what topics you would prefer to have covered. Find our contact information in the About & Contacts page and send us a line!