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Homework! But not the kind you hated in school; this is fun, and there will not be tests on the material. This homework consists of visiting showrooms, going to homeshows and new construction and remodeled home show tours. It is time well spent. Ask questions!

Those in Whatcom County are in luck! Whatcom County’s yearly Home and Garden Show will be held this weekend in Lynden, starting on Friday, going through Saturday and Sunday. It is held at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds, 1775 Front Street, Lynden. A link to more info is at:

Home & Garden Show

Bathrooms need good quality lighting, just like the kitchen does. So provide enough light to make the bathroom a cheery place and with the right lighting where it is needed most. Proper task lighting at the mirror is especially important. You might want to have lights mounted on either side of the mirror, for shadowless illumination. Make good use of skylights, sun tunnels and LED lights, as well.

Tile is very popular for bathrooms, for obvious reasons! They provide a texture and look not matched by any other material. They are water resistant, but still require waterproofing underneath, if in the shower area. find out if the tile you like the look of requires regular maintenance or only cleaning. Some require sealing to ensure waterproofing.

Selecting showerheads, faucets and vanities are just the icing on the cake! Be sure each item matches the style of your favorite fixture.


Whatcom County bath remodel, small, classic, oval mirror