Kitchen floor tile in Belllingham remodel

Tile in kitchens is used primarily for flooring and for a countertop backsplash. The purpose of said backsplash is more than just functional. Sure, it will protect the wall and provide an easy-to-clean surface that is subject to splatters, but they can be so much more. With materials like hand painted tiles, speckled stones, opalescent glass squares and textured metal tiles, today’s backsplashes can completely transform a kitchen.

Stone, metal, porcelain or glass tiles will really dress up your kitchen! Knowing what you like, and what will work well with the rest of the kitchen style, is paramount. Some research will help, as well as getting advice from your local tile shop and your experienced contractor.

So, what about the kitchen floor? Stain resistant porcelain is an excellent choice for kitchen floors. You might want to pick a grout that is a little darker than the tile, to hide those inevitable potentially stain-producing spills.

So, what is the perfect kitchen tile? It is where three factors come together; the right colors, the right textures, and what matches your personal style!

Bellingham kitchen tile backsplash.