Decks, patios and pergolas are all great choices for outdoor living. These open air spaces provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors. How to decide which will work best for you? Here are some thoughts:

Patios are built on the ground, usually with concrete or stone paving providing the surface.  Patios built close to the home and low to the ground can offer more privacy than a deck, especially if they are partially enclosed with walls or roof.

Decks are built up off the ground – sometimes a few feet, sometimes much higher! Decks usually offer better views than patios due to that elevation. Decks usually require permits and inspections because they are attached to the home and impact its exterior structure and appearance. New deck

Pergolas extend your living space and can be built with a solid roof, or with ornamental beams but not an actual roof. The type of overhead cover you select can provide light shade without entirely blocking out sunlight. Oftentimes in our typically rainy Pacific Northwest climate, homeowners prefer an actual roof!

What will work best for you depends on how you use your outdoor space, the size of your yard, and personal preference!