Usually, it will be the kitchen and/ or the bath. Let’s look at the bathroom.

Many decades ago the toilet moved from an outhouse to the comfort of the home. The original bathrooms were functional and utilitarian for the average home, but we have moved way past that now!

The bathroom has become everything from the well functioning space we all want, to a luxury room with many features of a spa. It’s not just about getting clean and performing necessary functions; it has become a space where we can relax at the end of a long day, and be rejuvenated for a work day.

Keep that special place stylish and up to date! Comfort is a big part of what a bathroom should be designed to provide. Heated floors and towel racks, comfort height toilets, just the right amount of lighting where you need it, and materials that help prevent mold and mildew! We are here to help you keep that bath in perfect shape.