Not every home has an ideal spot to plop a kitchen pantry in; however with some thought, there are many clever ways to create pantry space.custom kitchen pantry shelving and drawers

  1.  Reclaim room from a hall closet that is next to the kitchen and turn it into a pantry.
  2. Some older homes have “utility closets” right in the kitchen, which do not mask the noise when the washer and dryer are running. Move the washer and dryer to the garage for a quieter kitchen, and build a pantry in that space – a win-win!
  3. Add a vertical row of cabinets for a pantry near the refrigerator; improve on a basic pantry by adding removable risers and pull out trays.
  4. A slim pullout wall pantry installed beside the refrigerator is the ultimate compact pantry system for a cramped kitchen. Small kitchen pull out pantry

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