Outdoor kitchen with fireplace and roof cover

If you have ever wanted more than a BBQ on the deck, consider having an outdoor kitchen built. Today’s outdoor kitchens are increasingly a mirror of their indoor counterparts, with a variety of amenities that were unheard of just a few years ago.

Eliminate the need to go back and forth from the house to the BBQ; an outdoor refrigerator built and tested to sit outside all year long will make a huge difference. You can get a 24 inch wide refrigerator that slides under the counter and has a lock on it to keep the neighbors out when you’re away.

In addition to outdoor rated refrigerators, a number of appliances are now UL listed for use in the outdoor kitchen; wine units, beer kegs, ice machines, compact freezers and even dishwashers will provide maximum convenience.

The kitchen is the focal point, of course, but the rest of the outdoor spaces are important as well. Seating areas, conversation spaces, and some sort of water or fire elements create outdoor entertainment “rooms”.

Adding a roof or other shading system is a great way to allow guests to enjoy the space on the hottest days as well as during the evening. In any case, in our Whatcom County climate a roof is a must, to keep out the rain that is so prevalent. The roof also provides a good place to mount heaters or air circulating fans, and will tend to keep the heat in when using floor mounted propane heaters.

Corian countertops for outdoor kitchen