By far one of the most popular search terms people use to find this blog is “outdoor kitchens.” Earlier today I posted our outdoor kitchen project and thought I’d continue by providing some information about outdoor kitchens. Hope this is what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Last year’s article NAHB Sees Sunnier Future for Remodeling – Eventually speaks about the demand for outdoor kitchens. They’re more popular amongst “upscale homeowners” living in homes above 2,000 square feet. Many homeowners are going this route because an outdoor kitchen is often (though not always) less expensive than an interior kitchen remodel. In fact, the slideshow “5 Killer Outdoor Kitchens” from CNN Money features beautiful outdoor kitchens ranging from $2700 to $70,000.

So, why would somebody consider an outdoor kitchen in an area like the Pacific Northwest? After all… it rains. True. However, a roof goes a long way and our year round mild weather (as compared to, say, Chicago’s) means that even in incremental weather a covered outdoor space can get a lot of use. If you find yourself outside often, you may want to consider this remodeling type.

People who get more use out of an outdoor kitchen include those who bbq often, entertain large groups or enjoy cooking elaborate meals on the grill. Furthermore, you may want to consider an outdoor kitchen if you have a currently unused deck or patio that just doesn’t feel right. Adding a more comfortable spot to rest and a reason to be out there may be just what you need to reclaim the space. Additionally, if your home gets very hot in summer and you don’t have (or don’t want to use) an air conditioner, it can be extremely uncomfortable cooking inside. An outdoor kitchen may be right for you as well.

The most important step when deciding to build an outdoor kitchen is to decide exactly what you need or want in the space. No two people’s needs will be the same, so make sure you’re being honest in your assessment of what you would actually use. Of course, if you’re not sure what you need, your contractor can point you in the right direction.

After all that, are you interested in your own outdoor kitchen? Great! First, go read this wonderful article from This Old House that compares indoor and outdoor kitchens as well as discusses planning and location issues.

Need to see more? Take a look  at the slideshow Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (most in this slideshow are on the rustic side) or Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas. The possibilities for an outdoor kitchen are truly endless.

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