Dining room - 5

Garden and dining - great idea!

Dining room - 4
Another warm, inviting kitchen/ dining room
Dining room - 3
Very warm, cozy dining
Dining room - 2
Exciting dining!
Dining room -1
Light and airy dining room

Plan your next remodel, of course. If you can’t go outside, or all your raincoats are hanging over the bathtub still drying out, you know it’s time to work inside. Is your living room too dark? Is the kitchen too cramped? Does everyone eat in the living room because no one likes the dining room?

Get it?

Check out the incredible variety of dining rooms on the website http://www.hgtv.com/. It always amazes me that there can be so many designs for a room that is basically a place to eat. It seems that everyone has an individual preference for what makes each of us feel at home. Check it out and get to work on those plans!