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Rose Construction Inc, Kitchen remodel for Bellingham homeowner

So what is a perfect home? The basics are that every system is functioning just as it should, with minimal maintenance and everything up to code. There should be electrical outlets where you need them; plumbing working properly and heating (and cooling if desired) should keep the house at just the right temperature. The roof will be doing its job to keep the rain out; the kitchen, bath and laundry room exhaust fans should be efficient and quiet. All structural elements should be doing their thing; no sagging joists, roof beams or decking. Proper lighting is where it’s needed and the flooring is just the way you like it . .  I could go on, but you get the picture.

Is there really any house that meets all these criteria? Probably not, unless of course, you have just remodeled yours! Even if it is a new or nearly new home you just moved into, probably someone else picked much of the flooring, countertops, cabinets and bath fixtures. In the case of a home, perfection is in the eye of the owner!

Every home has something that could be “tweaked” to fit the tastes and lifestyle of the current owner, to make the home work more efficiently for them. Some older homes could really benefit from upgrading and even moving a wall or two and adding on!

Spaces that really do not age well are the bath and kitchen. Everything from outdated styles to fixtures and cabinets that have worn out over time and much use should be replaced when that time comes. Part of the need for renovating these rooms is their heavy use, and the accompanying irritation that must be endured when the space does not perform as needed.

Consider a toilet or shower that drips constantly, or a kitchen faucet that unpredictably sprays the water out sideways! Then there is that kitchen cabinet door that just won’t stay shut. These problems are getting to be serious, as the leaking fixtures can cost the homeowner a lot of money over a year.

There is another class of problems that while they do not cost money, since they do not affect utility bills, still can be serious issues. Some of these are cabinets that are worn out or depressingly dark; kitchen tile that is cracked and just cannot be cleaned properly any longer; old enameled kitchen sinks that have developed cracks over their lifetime. Again, there are a myriad of these issues that can be addressed when remodeling your home. They can be tacked one or two at a time, spreading the cost out over several years, if desired.

resized bath shower

Bath remodel we did recently for a Bellingham resident, showing beautiful tile workmanship and glass shower doors