Case in point: Is your bathroom perfect? I suspect there are a few things you wouldn’t mind changing. Whether your home is fairly new, or has been around a long time, we all have different lifestyles and tastes.

The basic elements of a bathroom are:

  • Dimensions of the room
  • Sink/ vanity
  • Shower or tub
  • Toilet
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Ventilation

Does the shape and size of the room work for you? Does the Fixture layout flow naturally? How about the location and swing of the door?

Probably the most expensive thing to change in a bathroom is the location of the walls. If your budget is a concern, you might want to stay with the current walls and room dimensions. However, if budget is not an issue, go for it! Many bathrooms are small and there is nothing more luxurious than walking into a large bathroom, with a roomy shower and plenty of space between the shower, a free-standing tub, the toilet and the sink.

Sinks come in all sizes, shapes and materials. The most common is a vanity with a counter top containing a sink. But you can also select a stylish pedestal sink for a small bath or powder room. Vessel sinks made from everything from copper, glass, marble, stone and the ubiquitous vitreous china are available to add a touch of elegance to your master bath. Don’t forget the variety of shapes that sinks are available in; square, round, oval and natural stone.

Then there is the age-old question; shower or tub? More of our clients are requesting the replacement of a tub with a tiled shower and frameless glass door. But tubs are here to stay, and free-standing tubs and tubs with tile surrounds are luxurious and add a note of glamour to a sumptuous bathroom.

Toilets come in excellent low-flow models that are designed to work efficiently with little water. The outside of the newer models are now available with smooth, easy to clean sleek sides. If luxury is your thing, they can be purchased with all sorts of add-ons, such as bidets, heated seats, quiet-closing lids and more.

Storage used to be confined to the stock vanity or medicine cabinet, but many of our clients are now requesting built-in cabinets for the bath. These can be simply custom-built vanities, or elaborate linen closets and shelving, built to fit the room.

Lighting is designed to provide enough light for the room and to suit the client. Light fixtures come in an endless variety of styles; what suits the client and works with the style of the bath is best!

Flooring choice needs to consider that a bathroom is a high moisture room and spills sometimes occur. Wet feet, wet towels dropped on the floor; you’ll want a water-proof flooring material that is also easy to clean. Tile is a common choice, also sheet materials such as marmoleum.

Sufficient ventilation is a must, to remove that moisture to the outside before it can feed mold growth! Quiet fans are nice, to provide that moisture removal and do so unobtrusively.

There are many more issues to consider in a bath remodel; re-locating fixtures, uncovering water damage in walls and floor, color, style, fixtures, etc! I’ll leave these for another time!