What do you need to know to have a kitchen remodel that you’ll be happy with?

Well, no doubt this list will vary somewhat depending on your circumstance, but for a general list that covers a lot of homeowners, here goes:

Kitchen islands have become very popular, for additional storage and prep area, as well as a potential snack counter. If this appeals to you, be sure that there is enough room for the island, and that it will work for your family.

Full kitchen remodels take time – be sure you have a temporary partial kitchen set up in your home. Perhaps a microwave, a small fridge and a countertop toaster-oven. And a toaster, of course.

Most people want a bigger fridge, so if that is on your list, be sure there is enough space in the counter for the new fridge dimensions.

It saves quite a bit of money if you can keep the stove and sink where they are, but if you have decided it is time to re-create their existence in another location, know that piping and electricity will have to be run there.

Custom or semi-custom counters can make your kitchen more efficient both for storage and meal preparation, so work with your contractor to determine what you want and how it fits in your budget.

Backsplashes can make clean up easier, and contribute to the kitchen’s style.

If you are having new cabinets installed, you probably will want to replace the flooring, as the new cabinets may not fit exactly where the old ones footprint was. Wood, linoleum or tile; discuss with your contractor, do your research and find what fits with the style of your countertops and cabinets.