What are your storage needs? Every cook has their own unique cooking style, requiring storage solutions to fit these needs. Think about what you use when working at the stove; do you have oddly shaped pans? (Who doesn’t?) Be sure to plan for proper storage for the size and shapes of your kitchenware.bellingham kitchen remodel

Kitchen islands have been popular, and for good reasons. They add workspace, oftentimes have generous countertop overhangs for eating space in the kitchen. Adding a sink to the island really adds work space! Microwaves can be installed below, and cookbook storage shelves work great in this location.

Blend style and functionality in a new kitchen faucet. Options include touch-free on-off and pull-out sprayer.

The backsplash’s central location behind the sink means that it will be a focal point for thkitchen countertope room. Do a lot of research; select a material with a color and texture that blends well with the rest of the kitchen and will stay in style for many years to come.