Here is an outline of the tasks you need to prioritize for your kitchen remodel:

  1. Determine what your kitchen needs and what you want but can do without. This will allow you to create your basic plan of attack.
  2. Set the budget for the remodel. Concentrate on the things that need maximum attention and list the rest as “options”, to be done if the budget allows.
  3. Your kitchen storage must meet every new and changing need in your family dynamics. Well planned new cabinets can satisfy your storage needs now and in the future.
  4. Determine which appliances need replacing – if the new appliances do not fit into the existing cabinet spaces, you need to include that in the cabinet design.
  5. How is the lighting? If it has been many years since the last upgrade the lighting could definitely use upgrading as well. Today’s kitchens make use of undercabinet lights, dimmers, and many other options not so common years ago.
  6. How is the floor? It could use refinishing, if a natural wood floor, or replacing, if worn out tile or other material.

There are many more things to consider in planning a kitchen remodel. Countertops, sinks, faucets, backsplashes, color scheme .  . . you get the picture!

Be sure to plan well, and keep within the budget. Keep a contingency fund available for surprises – when opening up a floor or wall, there can be problems found that were not visible.