There are several ways to enclose your shower or tub/shower. For the tub/shower combo, the old fashioned way was a shower curtain, and some still like that simplicity.

For a shower, there are several ways to keep the water off the bathroom floor. After all, that is the purpose of the enclosure. Some showers have partial walls that extend far enough out to keep the water from spraying out onto the floor, with a half-wall of glass.Shower with half-wall, glass enclosure to be installed

Some showers are large enough that the shower head does not spray as far as the opening, so a glass door is not needed. A low curb also helps to keep the water inside the shower enclosure.

However, most showers do have a glass door that serves to keep that water where it belongs! As you can see, there are options, depending on the size of the shower, and what you prefer in your bathroom.

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