If your home is just plain boring, or you want to increase it’s value, or you love your house but it just isn’t working for you anymore . . . then it is time to plan that remodel.bath, grab bars, shower, tile, bench seat

The rooms most homeowners choose to focus on first are the kitchen and bathrooms, because they are so critical to the functionality of the home. They also are subject to the most wear, due to potential water damage and all those fixtures!

Another reason to remodel is upgrading to make the home more friendly to a mobility impaired person. You never know when you might have a leg in a cast, or turn 80, and have different needs for getting around.

Family gatherings tend to focus on eating and that means the kitchen. An island or peninsula for gathering around, or removing part of a wall so conversations can continue from the kitchen to the dining/living rooms.

Bathrooms can really become dated, as well as wear out. Replacing mirrors and medicine cabinets will upgrade appearances, but installing a new shower and replacing faucets will really make that space functional again! Don’t forget a new exhaust fan – the new ones can be whisper-quiet, and really keep the room smelling fresh.

Paint will work wonders on any room in the house – perhaps it’s time for a new color scheme, or just for a fresh coat. Be sure to have it professionally done, as you’ll want the trim to be just right, and you don’t want the paint to start peeling off in the future!

So think about what you need, match it to your budget, and give your favorite contractor a call, to get put on the schedule.laminate kitchen countertops