Kitchen and bath projects don’t have to mean a full scale remodel to be worthwhile. Replacing an old plumbing fixture, such as a toilet that is still flushing away 3.5 gallons each time the handle is pulled, will not only improve the bathrooms appearance, but make a favorable impact on your water bill.

new tub filler, tile

Small improvements can be done one at a time, spreading out the cost. Perhaps this year you decide the old tub/shower has to go, so you have it torn out and replaced with a nice tiled shower. Such small changes can be done, keeping the style cohesive, but upgrading as you gradually make changes.

Improvements in the kitchen can be projects such as replacing countertops, a new faucet or sink, and refacing cabinets. Flooring can be replaced as well, as a single project.

Don’t forget paint! Fresh paint, perhaps in a different color, can feel like a big change.

New kitchen countertop, sink, faucet