It can be really frustrating cramming too many family members into too small a space! And don’t get me started on the frustration caused by too few bathrooms. 2nd floor addition bedroom

So, what if your homes’ footprint is as big as lot clearances allow? Is it hopeless? Will you have to move, or continue with your sardine-like existence?

Never fear, we have solutions for you. You can go up – as many have. A common solution is to add a partial second floor over the garage. A typical double car garage is about 22 x 22 feet, which when built up, provides 484 square feet. Enough room for a small bath, stairs to access the new second floor, and a nice sized bedroom. After photo - residential exterior addition Cedarbrook Court Bellingham

Another solution is to convert the garage into a conditioned living space. This is not as simple as you might think, so hiring a contractor is a good idea. Garages are not usually insulated on the exterior walls and floor, and the permitting agency will require upgrading the insulation. Plus you will want to extend the heating system to the newly upgraded space. You will want this kind of work permitted, in case you ever sell!

However you do it, additions are a great solution for an expanding family, especially if you like where you live, as most Bellingham and Whatcom County residents do. You can stay where you are, increase the value of your home, and keep your friends and family close. Win-win!