The most common bathroom size is 8 by 5 feet. Just because the internet is loaded with huge gorgeous bathrooms, don’t think that they are all that common.

So don’t feel bad about your small bath – you are in the same situation as the majority of homeowners. You may think there isn’t much you can do with a room this size. But that is not the case!  Here are some remodels you can have done to make that little bath just amazing:

If the space feels cramped, and the toilet is in it’s own little cubical (full or half wall), maybe in this situation it would be OK to remove that wall. Installing clear glass walls on the tub/shower will open up the space as well.

To get more counter space, the vanity top can be run out over the toilet, but narrowed in width. That 6 or 7 inches of depth gives a lot of counter space.

Storage can be created by having your contractor build shelving between studs – yes, inside the wall!  Not on an exterior wall, of course.Bathroom Remodel with Storage

Proper lighting will make the room feel larger as well. Have a moisture-rated light fixture installed over the shower, and have plenty of light around the vanity mirror.

Upgrade finishes on the floor and counter for a more glamorous and brighter look.

A good contractor can advise you on materials and on changes to make the small bathroom work for you. Designers are great, but not necessary for smaller changes.