kitchen exhaust fanAnyone who has ever thought about redoing or designing their own kitchen will know that it’s probably easier, maybe less expensive (?) and less traumatic just to move to a house that already has a kitchen you like. The number of different components – sink, oven, seating, surfaces, drawers, kettles, storage – and the mind boggling range of choice within all those separate components would reduce even a decisive person to a twitching, nervous wreck.

Okeedokee; now before you start designing your kitchen, think about what you do most in the kitchen; and arrange your chopping space, oven and fridge in a triangle so you can get to everything easily.

It’s nice to have a place for at least two bins; one for recyclables and one for kitchen waste. To get these out of the way, a pull-out cabinet works great. We have built these for some of our Bellingham clients.

Pull out plugs for electrical appliances are great. They can be built to slide into the countertop and lie flush with the top, sealed to keep water from the electronics. Charger drawers are excellent choices for your rechargables, as well.

Wall mounted ovens allow you to keep track of what’s cooking in there without bending down.

Two kitchen sinks are nice, if you have the room for it. One, on a kitchen island for general food prep, and one for basic washing up.

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