A powder room is a half-bath or guest bathroom that typically has a toilet, a vanity, a light but no shower or bathtub. Even the tiniest powder room can add a lot of comfort, enjoyment and relaxation to your home, both for you and for any guests who come to visit. Plus, a good powder room can add value to your home.

Powder room dimensions vary. Some are long and narrow, some are perfect squares, and others have completely irregular dimensions. It’s a good idea to take some time to look at the space you have and consider a few different layouts.

Finding ways to include storage can be difficult. A few ideas for adding storage without over crowding the space are:

  1. Recessed shelves or cabinets
  2. A storage rack above the toilet
  3. A small cabinet behind the mirror
  4. A closet outside the bathroom for extra towels
  5. Over the door towel hooks or pocket organizers

Quality flooring is a great choice, since the room is small and therefor the cost will be minimal.

Don’t forget good quality lighting; not too bright, but a nice overall light is just the ticket.

If space is truly at a premium, don’t forget compact toilets that will give you a few extra inches of space, and pedestal sinks will really give some extra room.