Are you happy with your deck? As with other elements of the home, individual homeowners have different needs and wants for a deck. The basic elements are low-maintenance deck materials, easy access, good flow and appropriate size.

Additional options might be a roof, deck heaters, fireplace, built-in seating, and an outdoor kitchen.

In Whatcom County, we have plenty of rain, as well as some hot summer days, so full or partial roofing is a popular option. Skylights or polycarbonate roofing panels (a clear roofing material) are a great solution. No loss of natural light, but protection from rainy days.

Fire pits or fireplaces with chimneys make a great gathering place for conversation and cozy evenings.

Deck with hot tub, railing and stepsHot tubs are another option that some like; a screened area provides privacy for a nice soak in the hot tub. Add a view, and what’s not to like?

What would make your perfect deck?