Every kitchen has cabinets, but not every kitchen has useful cabinets. Think about it; how many pans do you have to sort through to get the one you want? Is the bowl you need to make cookies in the back of that corner cabinet, requiring you to get down on your knees and pull out items to get to the back? Is your countertop messy with items that should be inside a drawer or cabinet?

If this describes your kitchen cabinets, then you need a kitchen cabinet remodel.

Kitchen drawers are becoming very popular, especially with insets that configure each drawer to fit the kitchen ware the homeowner owns.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to open a door or drawer with just a touch? No need to put everything down to pull open that drawer.

Smart homeowners are thinking ahead by including accessibility options. Visually impaired great aunt or grandmother coming to visit? Have ambient lighting, task lighting and lighting level adjustability. No more dark under-cabinet spaces.

Whatever your kitchen cabinet wants, we can make that happen for you. As a trained aging-in-place contractor, DyLon McClary, the owner, can offer suggestions as well.