Refurbish the basement; most basements are plain, dark, unused spaces, not very pleasant to spend time in. Make that square footage work for you; create an entertainment area for your guests. Add a beautiful bar area, seating, and just the right light fixtures and you will add character to your home.Whatcom County deck with built-in curved bench

If you don’t already have a deck, have one built; there’s nothing better than relaxing on your deck, sipping your favorite beverage after work. If you have a deck but it is too small, or nearing the end of it’s life, you know what to do.

After photo - Bath remodel with wall mounted lav and glass vessel sink; wall mounted faucet, BellinghamThere’s nothing that will make you feel more like royalty than a lavish master bath when you are getting ready for work, or just in need of a long, hot soak. New tile, glass shower surround, and new fixtures are just what you need.

There are a lot of walls in a house! Refresh them with new paint, perhaps try a different color to change the feel of rooms.

Turn an attic into a guest bedroom, or play area for children.

Have a second floor built on; partial or covering the entire house, any additional square footage will add immeasurably to the value of your home and your own enjoyment for as long as you choose to live in remodel; cabinets, wall tile, backsplash, wood flooring, kitchen island

Kitchens are one of the rooms most frequently remodeled, and there are good reasons for this. Everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and whoever does the most cooking really spends a lot of time there. It can get old, countertops and cabinets can develop cracks, dents and chips, and fixtures wear out. Remodel as much as you want and will fit in your budget; you will be glad you did.