Do you find yourself contemplating possibly moving your aging parents into your home? And then wondering how they will negotiate the stairs, or the narrow door into the bathroom?

There is a trend toward making our homes aging in place accommodating for retirees and seniors, and for grown children who prefer moving their parents into their own home instead of a retirement home.

Studies show that the mobility and vision problems cause the most concern for aging populations. There are many relatively easy ways to remodel your home to accommodate aging in place.

One of the main areas where mobility can be a challenge is in the bathroom. Simple renovations such as comfort height toilets, bath grab bars, step-through tubs, and showers with no curbs add safety and convenience in the bathroom.

The addition of chair lifts makes two story home suitable for seniors who have trouble walking, and exterior ramps can be added to make entry easier.

The owner of Rose Construction Inc is a certified aging in place specialist, so we can not only make the changes you request,  but can advise you on the most cost-effective changes your situation may need.