If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, your bathrooms probably have a lot of ¬†wear, and may be outdated. Updating a bathroom adds value to your home, but if you are on a budget, you may be looking for less expensive ways to upgrade.

Granite countertops are popular, and since bathroom counters tend to be small, the cost to use granite will be less than a kitchen counter. Also, since the lav has a sink or two in it, you could even select a less expensive slab that has a few imperfections, and they may not be an issue at all.bath remodel, shower tile

Repainting a bathroom is another low-cost, high impact change. Select a high quality paint with a satin finish formulated for bathrooms, which will help resist growth of mold and mildew. Update the light fixtures, faucets, towel racks and drawer pulls for an inexpensive improvement.

Update the medicine cabinet and mirror for another high-impact, low cost improvement.

Problems can be revealed when working in the oft-times wet environment of a bathroom, so you will probably benefit by having the work done by a professional. DIY sounds great, but not after you run into problems that are beyond you skills. Not to mention, how many of us can pull out an old toilet and haul a new one up the stairs and install it?

Have peace of mind! Save your back! Call an experienced professional.