Fireplace, TV and outdoor kitchen in Whatcom CountyOutdoor living space is popular – in spite of pretty much all of us spending most of our lives inside a heated or cooled structure of one sort or another; we are still creatures of nature.

Patios, porches and decks are found on most homes, as evidence of our love of the outdoors, even when we don’t have time to actually escape to a park or wilderness area.

So, what to do to satiate our love of the outdoors when we are not able to leave the house? Here are some suggestions:

  • Sliding glass walls. These are sliding glass walls that stack at one or both ends of the opening, leaving a large area open to the outdoors. Smell the fresh air? Feel that breeze on a hot day? You too can have a panoramic view, whether the doors are open or closed.
  • Bi-fold doors. These work much like the typical accordion closet doors found in some homes but with much more to them. The glass panels fold into themselves, either into one or both sides. Some systems allow the folded doors to be completely pushed out of the way.
  • Multiple French doors. Using more than one French door in close succession or without any break is a more traditional and usually less costly way to blur the lines between inside and out.
  • Picture windows. For some homeowners, the tried and true picture window is still best. These are typically combined with a glass or sliding door and can be one of tPicture windowshe least expensive options.

The great thing about large windows is, one can enjoy looking out at the landscape and your bird feeder, no matter what the weather conditions!