In spite of the 16 hour nights we have in Bellingham during winter months, we do not want the lights on full blast! What works best is incremental and task lighting, better known as workspace lights and dimmer switches.

Lowering the level of lighting makes the contrast between pitch dark outside and a lighted inside less drastic. Besides, as an evening draws to a close, lowering the level of light prepares us for sleep, and in the morning, a less dramatic light level is less stressful on us as we wake up.

When upgrading any part of your home, you might want to consider how to improve the lighting; both in terms of the light fixtures and the ability to have dimmer switches and full light when you want it.

In the kitchen, we find undercabinet lights very popular, as this can provide both task lighting in those dark corners, as well as serve as a softer light in the evening when you just want a glass of milk or a snack from the fridge.

Bathrooms have their own light needs; motion operated night lights for those late night visits to the bathroom, and good quality lighting for shaving and applying make up.

What is the state of your homes lights? Let us know when you are concerned about the state of lights in your home. We can help with that!