We are located in the Pacific Northwest; it is very green here, which is caused by a lot of rain. Contrary to other parts of the country, we do not get lots of rain and then the sun comes out; we get lots of clouds that drizzle for months on end. Some find this tedious and unpleasant, but some of us, like me, feel uncomfortable when the sun has been out too long – like for a couple of weeks.

Oh, and another thing, in the winter the nights are almost exactly twice as long as the days, meaning it gets dark at 4:30. I don’t mind, but it does make quality lighting kind of a necessity. There are many ways to put artificial light into a room, and with the cost of energy going up, it is wise to use spot lighting. This puts the light exactly where you want it, and doesn’t expend all that costly energy lighting up the rest of the room when you don’t need it.

There are some neat under-cabinet lights from Maxim Lighting that work great for this, and we are using some of them on a kitchen remodeling project right now. You can check out the lights at: http://www.maximlighting.com/cm.aspx.

There are some brochures on the website that you can download as pdf’s to see how the under cabinet lighting brightens up a room; and the indirect lighting effect is a soft, pleasant way to add light to a kitchen.