glass block window over tub

All you wanted to know about bathroom lighting and more! Proper and safe levels of light in bathrooms are more than just being able to see, and lighting needs depend on the individual as well as the task they’re performing.

Eighty percent of older adults experience a fall in the bathroom; proper lighting could reduce some of these falls.

It’s beneficial to provide as much natural light as possible in the bath; studies have shown that natural light brightens our mood and helps set our sleep/wake cycles.

Tub, shower, natural light, window

So, nice large windows, if possible, are great for this; traditional skylights, or sun-tunnel type. Sun Tunnel types are round skylights consisting of an acrylic dome with a 10 to 14 inch diameter tube polished on the inside, which deliver an amazing amount of light during daylight hours.

Many homeowners want lighting over the shower, as this can be a rather dark spot otherwise. There are moisture resistant fixtures rated for shower use which are an excellent addition for brightening up the shower.

Shower light

Plenty of lighting over the vanity is important for shaving and other activities that require good visuals.

For night-time, motion-sensor night lights are a great option. They provide just enough light for safety, but not enough to blind the user who has just gotten up from a sound sleep for a brief visit to the bathroom.