It’s not the most glamorous room in the house, and some family members – you know who you are – have never even seen it. But the one who uses it knows what I’m talking about.

Too often the laundry room is stuck in a corner of an unheated, unpainted garage, with no countertop or cabinet for soaps and other laundry supplies.

If you are the family member who does the laundry, you know what you would give to have a heated, ventilated space with a clean countertop, a stool to take a break on, some hanging rods, cabinets with plenty of storage for bleach, clotheswash soaps, even a laundry sink.

How about a window? Just like kitchens usually have a window over the sink.

Homes should be built to make living in them more efficient and pleasant!  Make that laundry room upgrade you next project for your contractor!