A well designed remodel can use creativity to incorporate techniques and elements that make a space feel and function like it’s much bigger than it is. Here are some ideas:

If your shower will have a floor pan, keep it the same color as the floor tile, unless someone who will be using it regularly has vision problems. Visual blocks of different colors make a space feel smaller.

Consider a tile size other than 12″x12″; our brains are familiar with that size and can subconsciously calculate the size of the room. Instead, choose a larger or smaller tile, it’s fun to fool your brain anyway.

There is an assumption that all homes should have a bathtub, but they don’t have to! Codes do not require it, and most people take showers. Replacing a tub/shower with a tiled shower will make the room feel larger, and provide all the bathing you need.

If your bathroom really doesn’t feel large enough for a double sink vanity, go ahead and take the plunge to a one-sink lav, the extra room will feel great!

Storage may be a priority, but resist the urge to build too many cabinets in a small bath, it can make the room feel cramped. Recessed built-ins especially above a toilet can gain extra storage space when needed. Just as medicine cabinets can be recessed into the wall, shelving or other cabinets can be recessed as well. Not protruding into the room lessens the visual impact and you still have gained storage space.

Pedestal sinks definitely take up very little space, so they are a great option, but compact vanities work as well, and some, called floating vanities can be mounted on the wall, giving the impression of more space.


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