Here are some things to think about before getting too far into this project:

  1. Exactly where the outdoor kitchen will go in your yard.
  2. The ideal size and layout of the space and the overall look and feel you want.
  3. If summers are hot where you are, muggy or rainy, the kitchen will need to be designed with accomodation for the weather.
  4. Think about what you will use the kitchen for. Is it just for your immediate family, or do you plan on entertaining?

Here in the Whatcom County area clients often choose to have a roof over at least part of the outdoor space, for obvious reasons! Rain, of course. Also, to extend the time of year when it can be comfortably used, outdoor heating devices are usually installed. These can range from propane heaters, to radient heat (hang from the ceiling), and fireplaces.

Built in seating is nice as well, and outdoor lighting, as it starts getting dark early in the evening in the Fall. Rose Construction Inc. has built many outdoor spaces for our clients!