It’s undeniable that during the last year most of us have changed the way we use our homes; from working at home, to school over the internet, we have been spending more time home. Add to that, the growing desire among older homeowners to age in place; home remodelers and builders are seeing changes in what people want in their kitchens and bathrooms.

For one thing, there is less of a distinction wanted between the kitchen and living area and more of a merger as the two transform into one.

The kitchen has become a more communal room; it’s turned into a place to work from home, as well as a place for guest and friends to congregate. beautiful refinished oak and fir kitchen flooring

A desire for more convenience in the kitchen has led to wide, deep drawers to store bulky or heavy items. A waist high drawer allow s for easier access, which benefits family members as they age.

When you are ready for those upgrades to your home, let us know, we love to help our Whatcom County homeowners fall in love with their homes again.