You have probably heard the term “functional” thrown around a lot if you are researching ideas for your kitchen remodel. What it really means is just this; are the elements that make up the kitchen arranged conveniently for the cook? Is the faucet easy to use, when you are holding a heavy pot, or your hands are wet?

What about the distance between the 3 basic elements of every kitchen – the refrigerator, the sink and the stove?

Other things to consider when determining what will make your new kitchen “functional”, is the ease of using the hardware for opening drawers and cupboards. Fairly large, easily grasped knobs and pulls are even more important than style! After breaking a few nails, or whacking your knuckles on them, you will wish you had put more thought into selection!

bellingham kitchen remodel

Of course, countertop colors, cabinet door styles, and flooring are critical as well. There is so much to consider when planning your next kitchen re-do. As experienced remodelers with many years experience and training, we are happy to help you make selections that will work for you and look great, without breaking the bank. Let us know when you are ready for your next remodel!