Well here we are, back at kitchens!  I found a neat website with lots of actual remodeled kitchen photos, called “Rate my Kitchen”.    http://http://www.roomzaar.com/rate-my-space/Kitchens/gallery.esi

I find that when looking for ideas to makeover a kitchen or bath, the best things to start with are photos and then visiting other homes to see what has been done.

The website link above lets you review over a thousand remade kitchens and leave comments if you desire.    There are many different styles one can choose from for kitchen design and of course there aren’t really any “rules” about how your kitchen should look.  It “should” look the way your tastes dictate! 

http://www.kitchens.com//design/kitchen-style.aspx  This links to an article examining kitchen styles, defining them, and showing how one can artistically combine elements from more than one style.

However, kitchen remodeling is perhaps the most expensive room in the home to remake so a lot of thought and research should go into the planning stage.  You definitely do not want to wake up “the morning after”, walk into your brand new kitchen and have buyers remorse!  It’s almost as bad as having your ex’s name tattoed on your arm. 

Some experiences should be avoided.  Research, forethought and planning are indicated here, as well as getting the advice of experts.  Then full speed ahead and enjoy the results!