Kitchen design in the Pacific Northwest is probably driven by the fact that those who are drawn to our rainy, green and mild climate are tend to love natural materials and lots of windows. Better to view the mountains and forests, as well as adding light!

Tucked between Puget Sound and the mountains, we are a short driving distance to kayaking, sailing, skiing or hiking experiences, and so the outdoors types love it here. That is, as long as they don’t mind the rain ad the clouds that the rain comes in on!

Hence, interior design choices for kitchens tend to include either natural woods or light, airy colors, or both. Plenty of windows and lots of storage are great for any climate, but designing a look that blends in with the feel of the area is a plus.

Kitchens that are open to the dining area and include islands and seating areas are popular as well. Clever storage solutions and ample pantries are an important part of most kitchen remodels. Natural wood flooring has been popular with our clients, as well as granite or manufactured stone countertops.

After photo - Custom cherry cabinets in shaker style. Countertops are granite, Bellingham

Custom cherry cabinets, granite countertop, trees outside the window.